What size of MAGNUM+ should I install in my tires?2019-11-01T11:50:04-04:00

Please refer to our MAGNUM+ Calculator or our Application chart to determine what size of MAGNUM+ to install in each tire.

Can I add more MAGNUM+ than the application chart recommends?2020-01-16T16:12:10-05:00

The MAGNUM+ calculator and the application chart determine appropriate size of MAGNUM+. The formula ensures a proper balance, even if additional weight is added (i.e. gravel, snow or mud).

Should I still static balance my tires?2020-01-16T16:12:42-05:00

No, it is not necessary to static balance your tires when using MAGNUM+. MAGNUM+ provides a dynamic internal balance every time your vehicle starts.

Is MAGNUM+ TPMS (Tire pressure monitoring system) compatible?2019-11-28T15:05:35-05:00

MAGNUM+ is 100% TPMS (Tire pressure monitoring system) compatible.

Do I need a special valve core with MAGNUM+ beads?2019-11-01T11:23:28-04:00

No, MAGNUM+ does not require a filtered valve core or any special valve core for that matter. The beads are too large to interfere with the valve.

Can I use MAGNUM+ tire balancing beads for my heavy ply / bias ply tires?2019-11-01T11:24:05-04:00

Yes, if your tires are heavy ply (bias ply), you will need to up-size to the next size indicated on the application chart.

Does MAGNUM+ affect the manufacturers’ warranty on my tires?2019-11-28T15:33:31-05:00

MAGNUM+ does not affect the manufacturers’ warranty. MAGNUM+ is perfectly round and extremely smooth preventing it from doing any damage to the inner liner of the tire.

I have received my order of MAGNUM+ but the insert bag is broken. Can I still install it?2020-01-16T16:13:18-05:00

Yes, you can still install MAGNUM+ if the insert bag has broken inside the bag. Simply remove the broken bag and pour the beads inside the tire before mounting it onto the rim.

I experience vibrations with my vehicle even after installing MAGNUM+. What is wrong?2019-11-01T11:37:00-04:00

First you will need to confirm that the proper size of MAGNUM+ was installed in the tires.

If your tires are heavy ply (bias ply), you will need to up-size to the next size indicated on the application chart.

This could be caused by mechanical issues. Contact our customer service to help you

What is MAGNUM+ made of?2019-11-01T11:38:08-04:00

MAGNUM+ is made of tempered glass that does not break down or disintegrate. It does not contain any silica-based coating and is incapable of absorbing moisture.

Does MAGNUM+ break or turn into powder once inside the tire?2019-11-01T11:38:47-04:00

MAGNUM+ is made of extremely strong, tempered glass that will not break down or deteriorate. MAGNUM+ will outlast the life of the tire and can be scooped out and reused in a new tire.

What happens to the plastic bag once it breaks open inside my tires?2019-11-01T11:39:35-04:00

The insert bag is made of a very thin plastic that shreds and ultimately disintegrates inside the tire.

Is MAGNUM+ packaging recyclable?2019-11-01T11:40:39-04:00

Yes, all MAGNUM+ packaging as well as the beads themselves are recyclable.

  • The insert bag completely disintegrates inside the tire and the outer bag is recyclable.
  • The plastic Fleet tub is reusable and recyclable.
  • And as always, MAGNUM+ can be scooped out recycled or reused into the next set of tires.
My tire size does not appear on the Calculator app or Application chart. How much should I install?2019-11-01T11:03:17-04:00

You can calculate what size you will require using the weight of your tire.

  • Use MAGNUM+ Calculator by tire weight to calculate precisely what you need.