From commercial fleets to SUVs or even RVs, balancing your tires will help:

– Eliminate vibrations
– Promote consistent tread wear
– Maximize mileage
– Reduce vehicle maintenance costs
– Extend the life of the tire

Properly balanced tires reduce wear and tear on the tires, the vehicle, the driver, and the budget.

MAGNUM+ will improve your ride for the entire life of your tires.

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The industry standard for balancing tires is the addition of external weights to the vehicle wheels. We aim to change that because this method has flaws. The weights only balance tires based on their condition at a fixed point in time. As they wear, their balancing requirements change meaning the original fixed weights no longer provide a proper balance. MAGNUM+ beads are a high-precision, self-adapting alternative that lasts for the life of the tire and beyond.

Compared to granulated balancing compounds, MAGNUM+ balancing beads flow faster and are more durable. Testing by an independent laboratory using the ASTM D 1895-90 standard for measuring the flowability of a material confirmed that MAGNUM+ beads flowed over twice as fast as granulated materials, for a more dynamic balancing.

MAGNUM+ beads are 98% round and carefully calibrated for consistent size creating an efficient, precision balance.  Their reduced surface area eliminates static build up, providing a new dynamic balance every time your vehicle moves.  Plus, our beads are fully compatible with tire pressure monitoring systems!


An imbalanced tire creates an outward force from the tread that causes vibration in the tire.  Utilizing Newton’s law that every force creates an equal and opposite reaction, MAGNUM+ beads roll freely within the tire and reposition themselves as the wheel assembly turns, neutralizing any imbalance and eliminating vibration through centrifugal force.

Once they have found their position, they stay there until the vehicle stops.  Once the vehicle stops, MAGNUM+ beads fall to the bottom of the tire, ready to pick up where they left off the next time the vehicle moves.

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